Contract, Insurance, Construction, and General Litigation


The cautious person reduces all of their agreements to writing. If you need help drafting a contract or resolving a dispute involving an existing contract, contact the experienced lawyers at Harrington Law, P.C. A reasonable investment of expense now (to draft a contract) may save you thousands of dollars later.


You have paid your premiums. You file a claim. Your insurance carrier denies coverage. Now, you need an experienced lawyer to evaluate the insurance policy and determine whether there is coverage. If there is coverage, you also need a lawyer to force the insurance company to uphold its contractual obligation. You need Harrington Law, P.C. Have you been in an auto accident caused by an uninsured or an underinsured driver? Do you need help causing the insurance to honor the underinsured or uninsured coverage provision of your policy? Call Harrington Law, P.C.


The dream of building a new home or remodeling an existing home all too often results in conflict. Harrington Law, P.C. is experienced in guiding homeowners, builders, subcontractors, and suppliers with the resolution of their disputes.

If you need help with new home construction, home remodeling, or mechanic’s lien disputes, contact Harrington Law, P.C.

General Litigation

Our everyday commerce with our neighbors, service providers, and random strangers creates the potential for disputes. If you need help managing disputes — whether actually or only potentially heading to court, contact the experienced lawyers at Harrington Law, P.C. We are in court every day of the week.