Front view of the office building

Confidence, compassion, attentiveness – three qualities that you need to find when you are searching for a trial lawyer. Three qualities that you will find at Harrington Law, P.C.

Experience breeds confidence. Bill Harrington and Betty Harrington have over twenty years of combined trial experience. They know that the process of trial by jury is full of potential pitfalls. It’s not a journey that you want to take with a rookie. Make sure that the trial lawyer you hire to litigate your case has been there before. Bill Harrington and Betty Harrington have been there.

Your case is not just another case. Your case matters. You need a trial lawyer who cares. You need a trial lawyer who will listen to your concerns and focus on achieving your goals. Bill Harrington and Betty Harrington became trial lawyers because they enjoy building relationships with individuals and helping them through the litigation process.

In a world that is becoming less and less personal, you deserve a trial lawyer that will give your case personal attention. In many larger law firms, your case will be shuffled around and handled by a lawyer or other professional who you have not met. At Harrington Law, P.C., either Bill Harrington or Betty Harrington will handle your case. If you need to reach Bill Harrington or Betty Harrington, use the contact form on this site or give them a call. They will contact you personally. That’s the attention you and your case deserve.